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Charge Capture & Pricing

Hospitals are in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape that is putting enormous pressure on revenue cycle systems to keep up. Transitions to risk-based payment models, expanding health systems, calls for pricing transparency, and lower reimbursement levels are fueling the fire for hospitals to adapt quickly as they attempt to balance mission and margin.

With Craneware’s portfolio of charge capture and pricing solutions, hospitals gain the tools and capacity to automate management of charge and claims data to deliver financial improvement to the hospital’s bottom line. Even during times of increasingly complex coding and regulatory changes, the focus can shift toward identifying missed revenue opportunities and fixing process breakdowns that are causing costly reoccurring errors. 

The increased visibility across the health system will enable more productive conversations with clinical and financial departments. This critical connection will improve accuracy for billing for services, pharmaceutical and supply purchases and create sustainable process for capturing legitimate revenue and minimizing compliance risk.

  • Analyze charge data on a continual basis to identify coding errors, compliance issues and potentially missed charges
  • Optimize reimbursement for codable implants, devices and drugs by producing charges that reflect actual costs and compliant billable units
  • Create a repeatable, well-documented method to establish transparent, defensible and competitive pricing
  • Gives you a single view of the problems that -- when corrected -- will have the biggest financial payoff
  • Establishes a critical connection between pharmaceutical and supply purchases and billing
  • Integrates with Craneware’s proprietary clinical, financial and regulatory content for services and supplies charge coding maintenance

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