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Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Many healthcare organizations are operating on a shoestring budget. Proactive charge capture offers the greatest potential to improve the bottom line, but the time and staff resources needed to identify missed revenue opportunities are already spread thin, making financial improvement seem out of reach.

Craneware’s Revenue Cycle products automate the management of charge and claims data to make financial improvement obtainable. With less time required for day-to-day data maintenance, focus can shift to identifying missed revenue opportunities and fixing process breakdowns that are causing costly reoccurring errors. This greater visibility also enables more productive conversations – and the creation of sustainable process improvement – with clinical departments.  Bringing them into the fold of contributing to the financial health of the organization.

Craneware’s Revenue Cycle products support revenue integrity efforts by:

  • Analyzing charge data on a continual basis to identify problems with line items, spot coding mistakes and detect under-pricing and flawed price positioning to improve reimbursement and compliance
  • Reviewing claims for coding mistakes, compliance issues and potentially missed charges to help capture legitimate revenue
  • Providing a web-based portal to support two-way communication between chargemaster and departmental staff for improved reimbursement as well as charge accuracy and compliance
  • Providing browser-based access to comprehensive clinical, coding, financial and regulatory resources that is updated every seven to 10 days to support charge accuracy, completeness and compliance

Craneware’s Revenue Cycle solutions, which include industry-recognized Chargemaster Toolkit and Bill Analyzer, help improve reimbursement, efficiency and compliance to ensure and sustain revenue integrity.


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