Patient Engagement for Hospitals

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Patient Engagement Solutions

Pre-service is the optimal time to discuss out-of-pocket expenses with patients. It isn’t always a comfortable conversation, but it’s especially difficult if without the ability to accurately determine eligibility, medical necessity and estimate the patient's balance after insurance. 

Craneware’s Patient Engagement products help accurately determine the balance due from the patient, and better manage payment expectations and pricing questions. Eliminating the element of surprise, helps improve patient satisfaction and upfront collections while reducing bad debt and denials.

Craneware’s Patient Engagement solutions:

  • Improve patient satisfaction with billing by providing accurate out-of-pocket estimates and convenient, mobile-friendly payment plans. 
  • Reduce bad debt and ineffective paper collections with upfront patient engagement and point-of-service collections.
  • Provide all-payor medical necessity validation and prior authorization coverage to ensure accuracy and prevent denials.

The complete transparency afforded by Craneware’s Patient Engagement solutions, which include Trisus ActivePay and InSight Medical Necessity, create a better patient experience and greater revenue integrity for your organization.


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