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Craneware Support and Training

Industry-wide recognition of Craneware's support and training is a key driver in the No. 1 KLAS rankings for Chargemaster Toolkit® and Bill Analyzer. Craneware clients usually resolve issues via the software's expansive help system. Any time you need more help, you receive live, professional support via the 1 888 601 4162 toll-free phone number or via e-mail at

Your hospital receives on-site user training when Craneware solutions are installed, but the training process doesn't end there. Post-implementation training is available in a number of ways to accommodate users' preferred learning styles:

  • User Group Meetings: These are regularly scheduled conferences held around the country, where you learn how to make best use of Craneware software while tackling current industry issues. Users learn the newest features of Craneware software and share their success stories with each other.
  • Craneware Performance Center: For registered users, this is your one-stop location for software and industry training and for official certification on Craneware software. The performance center includes live, pre-recorded, and self-led training.
  • Craneware Professional Services: Craneware offers personalized training in which your organization can engage our training specialists. Such training is usually delivered in either of two ways:

Click one of the following links to access either login page: