Supply Management

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Optimize Pharmacy and Supply Chain Reimbursement

You have long-suspected your hospital is losing charges for codable supplies and drugs. Yet you haven't done a deep dive into the issues that cause these lost charges. Quite frankly, you are overwhelmed by the number and complexity of issues that defy a manual fix.  You are not alone.

Let Craneware's Supply Management family consolidate your data, normalize it, verify it and put it in a single view that lets you efficiently work on optimizing reimbursement.

Craneware's Supply Management family products:

  • Optimize reimbursement for codable drugs by enabling you to produce charges that reflect actual costs, and by making sure your coding and billing units are complete and compliant.
  • Reduce lost charges for med-surg devices by giving you a single view of the problems that will adversely affect reimbursement unless they're fixed. Built-in tools and filters then make it easy to tackle the issues that will have the biggest payoff.

Craneware’s Supply Management solutions, which include Pharmacy ChargeLink® and Supplies ChargeLink®, and Supplies Assistant support you in establishing a critical connection between pharmaceutical and supply purchases and billing – ultimately, improving your charge capture, coding and financial performance.


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