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Supplies ChargeLink®

I knew right away that something was very, very wrong, (the veteran director of revenue integrity told us). On one report, I saw what we were spending on implants. On another, I saw what we were billing for implants. Somehow, we were leaking revenue…

– Director of Revenue Integrity


If your hospital isn’t receiving all the reimbursement it legitimately should for medical/surgical supplies, it’s almost certainly because supply charges aren’t captured and billed correctly. The underlying cause is usually disparity among the purchasing, item master, and billing systems – and the resulting lost or incorrect data means revenue leakage in the supply chain.

Supplies ChargeLink®  solves these problems by performing an automated review of your systems to find irregularities where codable medical-surgical devices have been bought but don't appear in the chargemaster, or appear with the wrong charge, quantity discrepancies, or coding compliance problems. After identifying these issues, Supplies ChargeLink generates the reference data needed to fix them and improve charge capture. If your organization uses Craneware's Chargemaster Toolkit®, users simply right-click to enter the corrected data into an automated workflow that rolls up to the chargemaster.

Linking Supply Chain and Revenue Cycle

Supplies ChargeLink optimizes reimbursement for codable supplies with its ability to:

  • identify purchased supplies missing from the chargemaster
  • correct missing or invalid coding information
  • identify supplies where expected reimbursement is less than the purchase price
  • identify possible charge-capture issues where an item’s purchase volume greatly exceeds the volume billed
  • quickly and easily research HCPCS code, UNSPSC code, manufacturer, catalog ID and description with Supplies Assistant

By eliminating the inconsistencies that invariably exist between a hospital's item master and its chargemaster, Supplies ChargeLink helps ensure accurate pricing, coding, and billing of patient-chargeable supplies.

Supplies ChargeLink Implementation

Craneware Professional Services provides an implementation service for Supplies ChargeLink that ensures a quick return on investment and ongoing benefits with expert consultation and effective business process design.


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