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Interface Scripting Module

Interface Scripting Module allows information to flow automatically from Chargemaster Toolkit to our patient accounting system. We press a button and it’s done, no duplication of effort, and we have the visibility to see that the process works.

— Colleen Stegall, Billing and CDM Manager, Midland Memorial Hospital, Midland County, TX

physician using an up-to-date chargemaster

If your organization is manually transferring chargemaster data to the patient accounting system, that process is undoubtedly compromising data accuracy and completeness, which can lead to lost revenue and compliance issues. By using Craneware’s Interface Scripting Module to connect Chargemaster Toolkit® and your patient financial system, you can completely and accurately automate data entry and streamline the cycle of data flow.

Transfer Chargemaster Data Automatically for Greater Accuracy, Efficiency

In eliminating manual data entry, Craneware’s Interface Scripting Module ensures a quick, secure, and error-free transfer of chargemaster changes and edits. An HFMA Peer Reviewed solution, Interface Scripting Module successfully interfaces to 32 different patient accounting systems and allows you to schedule when changes are to be loaded. The solution also provides advanced reporting to filter and track all updates sent to the accounting system, then summarizes and exports them for historical reference.  Rely on Interface Scripting Module for:

  • secure, auditable technology, with built-in user permissions and audit elements for full accountability
  • real-world expertise in interfacing with leading patient financial systems
  • advanced reporting capabilities, including pre-report previews before change transfers and post-report reviews with filtering and tracking
  • flexible scheduling, with changes uploaded on demand or at a specific date/time

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