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Bill Analyzer

Bill Analyzer is essential to making sure we're capturing all legitimate charges. I am confident that we're sending out cleaner, more compliant claims, and that we're billing and being reimbursed properly.

— Colleen Stegall, Billing and CDM Manager, Midland Memorial Hospital, Texas

To meet the demands of the outpatient prospective payment system and ambulatory payment classifications, you’re likely scrutinizing your outpatient claims data more closely, even as it grows more complex. Outdated manual charge-capture forms, coding conflicts and inaccuracies lead to revenue leakage if claim problems go undetected which can damage your hospital’s financial performance and puts it at risk of non-compliance penalties.

Bill Analyzer enables you to correct claim issues at the root cause by automatically reviewing claim information to identify missed charges, billing errors, and potential compliance issues. Bill Analyzer’s proprietary pattern-recognition logic cross-references more than 500 million claims to identify missing charges that will not be detected by payor edits, helping to ensure that all legitimate revenue is captured. Rely on Bill Analyzer to:

Discover root causes and behavior patterns 

  • Discover where revenue is at risk.
  • Discover opportunities to increase revenue.
  • Discover charges less than allowable.
  • Discover unbilled clinical services.
  • Discover the underlying root causes of charge capture issues.
  • Discover high-risk compliance issues.

Convert potentially missed revenue opportunities

  • Convert coding errors into paid services.
  • Convert lesser of payments into full payments.
  • Convert appropriate billable services not realized into revenue.
  • Engage stakeholders to resolve the underlying root causes of claim errors of omissions.

Optimize feedback on charge capture performance and compliance risks

  • Sustain a healthy charge capture process.
  • Protect revenue earned from audit take-backs.
  • Be continuously aware of high-risk compliance issues that put revenue at risk.
  • Optimize ongoing monitoring of charge capture processes.
  • Optimize visibility of process improvement bottlenecks.

Charge Capture Performance Improvement Services

Craneware bundles Charge Capture Performance Improvement Services with Bill Analyzer to help you develop a plan of action for sustaining charge capture process improvements. Our Professional Services team provides an analytical review of initial Bill Analyzer data, conducts an onsite evaluation of root causes of missing charges, and delivers a progress assessment to help ensure continued charge-capture process improvement.


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