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Chargemaster Toolkit® Discovery Viewer

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The Problem: CDM Data Visibilty

A growing number of hospitals and patient accounting systems re-use charge items throughout multiple service lines instead of having individual entries for each separate usage. This means the traditional, centralized chargemaster (CDM) data structure is replaced by dynamically related tables in many modern patient accounting systems like Epic and also other hospital business models using Cerner, MEDITECH or others. Instead of storing legacy CDM data in one place, the charge data is dispersed in separate related tables and shared across the organization.

While this creates many new efficiencies, it can also create problems for financial data that has traditionally been managed from the chargemaster. Financial teams often are missing a single, comprehensive view of their charge data, making a proper CDM audit more difficult and putting revenue at risk. Chargemaster software vendors do not provide tools that natively manage enterprise data, but instead require providers to export their CDM data back into increasingly large flat files that may contain thousands of redundant, duplicate lines.

The Solution: Chargemaster Toolkit® Discovery Viewer

Craneware developed the first automated chargemaster tool, Chargemaster Toolkit® – which has ranked #1 in KLAS for the past ten years. Now Chargemaster Toolkit Discovery Viewer addresses the challenges that enterprise CDM data presents to hospitals by enabling all related CDM data to be viewed in one place:

  • View all procedure, pharmacy, and supplies records with service line details
  • View and filter by location/service line.
  • View and filter volume/revenue and usage
  • View fee schedules for multiple facilities, payors, and service lines
  • Eliminate duplicate data permutations, files that are too big to use, and redundant data entry

Chargemaster Toolkit Discovery Viewer maintains the same features and benefits that make Chargemaster Toolkit the market leader in CDM management software, used in 1 in 4 US hospitals:


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