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Chargemaster Corporate Toolkit

managing the CDM for fun and profit

Disparate billing systems and independent chargemaster maintenance processes often create inconsistencies in descriptions, revenue codes, and HCPCS code assignments, causing revenue leakage and putting your compliance efforts at risk. Addressing this with a corporate-standard chargemaster requires the ability to efficiently and accurately recognize the same services across multiple hospitals and departments.

Chargemaster Corporate Toolkit®, a version of Chargemaster Toolkit® (named by KLAS as #1 in the Revenue Cycle - Chargemaster Management market category nine years in a row), helps you develop, distribute, and maintain a customized standard to fit your corporate needs for a single chargemaster, and continually updates data across the enterprise to ensure ongoing charge accuracy and consistency. Chargemaster Corporate Toolkit is packaged with Craneware’s Online Reference Toolkit®, a browser-based tool that provides instant access to the most current clinical, financial, coding, and regulatory information and an optional Supplies Assistant search module. Rely on Chargemaster Corporate Toolkit® to:

Discover a better, more comprehensive way to manage the chargemaster

  • Discover where revenue is at risk.
  • Discover opportunities to increase revenue.
  • Discover charges less than allowable.
  • Discover unbilled clinical services.
  • Discover where significant comparative pricing discrepancies exist with competitors.
  • Discover high-risk compliance issues.

Convert charge capture errors that lead to significant revenue loss

  • Convert coding errors into paid services.
  • Convert lesser of payments into full payments.
  • Convert appropriate billable services not realized into revenue.
  • Understand what best practices identify as billable services and add them to your CDM.

Optimize reimbursement by identifying chargemaster incompleteness

  • Sustain a healthy chargemaster.
  • Assure pricing is in line with competitors.
  • Protect revenue earned from audit take-backs.
  • Be continuously aware of high-risk compliance issues that put revenue at risk.

Chargemaster Corporate Standardization Services

Successfully developing and establishing a corporate chargemaster requires the support of stakeholders across your organization. Experienced with large to small healthcare systems, Craneware’s Professional Services consultants provide project management expertise to help you execute a standardization process. Because Chargemaster Corporate Toolkit can accommodate different corporate business models, the Professional Services team can define the most favorable process for your organization before setting up the supporting technology.  These services may be engaged in a full project-management capacity or as a rapid-cycle standardization process. Either way, the goal is the same – helping you optimize reimbursement, reduce compliance risks, and improve staff efficiency.


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