Coding and Regulatory Information to Improve Revenue Integrity

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Online Reference Toolkit®

With Craneware's Online Reference Toolkit®, keeping up with coding and regulatory changes is so much easier – no searching through outdated manuals and making copious notes. The software saves time and supports compliance. Our staff would never give it up!

— Angela Confoey, Corporate Director, Revenue Management, Steward Health Care System


Printed reference books quickly become outdated, and don’t help your staff manage memos and emails related to coding, compliance, medical necessity, and other regulatory changes that impact coding and charging accuracy. Fortunately, all the information you need is now readily available in a single, online resource.

Craneware’s Online Reference Toolkit®, which is Peer Reviewed by HFMA, is a browser-based tool that provides quick access to comprehensive clinical, coding, financial, and regulatory references, enabling improved collaboration between clinical and financial staff and accurate coding and charging. CPT® Assistant is fully integrated with Online Reference Toolkit to provide additional access to all prior references and CPT manual information. As an integrated component of Chargemaster Toolkit®, Physician Revenue Toolkit®, Pharmacy ChargeLink®, and Supplies ChargeLink®, the Online Reference Toolkit is readily accessible to your organization when you adopt any of those solutions.

Rely on Online Reference Toolkit to:

  • deliver clinical coding reference specific to your needs
  • promote effective collaboration and reduce risk
  • provide instant, direct access to CPT Assistant

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