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On-Demand Revenue Integrity Webinars and Presentation Slides

Watch a variety of industry best-practice presentations on revenue integrity topics at your leisure. 

Revenue Cycle

Effective Charge Capture Integration in Emergency Services

Overview of the essential elements of charge capture integration in the Emergency Services department.


Eliminating the Need for Claim Corrections

How to shift resources from the industry-standard approach of claim correction – claims scrubbers, works cues and billing edits – to preventive processes that reduce the need for corrective action.


Access Management & Strategic Pricing

Key Strategies for Improving Outpatient Medical Necessity Screening

Best practices for outpatient medical necessity while ensuring Medicare compliance.


Best Practices for Medical Necessity and Prior Authorization

How to manage the ever changing payer requirements for outpatient Medical Necessity and Prior Authorization.


Are You Staying Competitive with Best Practice Pricing Strategies?

How to create new strategic pricing models that are flexible and sustainable.



Supply Management

Turning Your Pharmacy into A Revenue Center

How to help transition your pharmacy from being a cost center into being a revenue center.


Building a Better Chargemaster with Supply Data Integration

Key best practices and industry standards for synchronizing supplies and charge capture.


Audit & Revenue Recovery

How to Optimize Reimbursement Through Your Audit Management Strategy

Identify the top areas that leave hospitals vulnerable to Recovery Audit (RAC) take-backs.


Get Prepared for Prepayment Audits

Discussion of the nuances of prepayment audits and their important differences with retrospective reviews, as well as prepayment audit risks and suggested best practices.




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