Charge Capture

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You’ve trimmed all excess from your budget, and your operating margin is still razor thin. It’s time to look at the other side of the balance sheet to identify revenue opportunities that will keep the doors open.

Charge capture is the obvious place to start. But how are you going find the time and resources needed to be proactive in your charge capture efforts and sustain good processes?  Your clinical departments are working in their silos and are difficult to engage in matters that aren’t directly related to patient care. And, you’re auditors are heads down defending charges instead of proactively looking for revenue opportunities - thanks to payor audits. Just thinking about the processes needed to effectively manage all the charge and claims data is enough to make your head spin.

At Craneware, we make charge capture manageable. Solutions in our Revenue Cycle product family automate your chargemaster management and claims analysis processes, giving you the ability to proactively identify missed revenue opportunities and better manage your processes to establish and sustain revenue integrity.


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