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As hard as you work to submit clean claims, your efforts to receive reimbursement don't end there. Payors can still deny all or parts of a claim. Even worse, when you undergo a RAC audit by your region's Medicare Recovery Auditor, you can be asked to give back reimbursement you received as far back as three years ago.

And that presents you with two sets of problems:

  • You need to deploy already-stretched staff to re-work denied claims and to respond to requests for take-backs.
  • You need to figure out what's happening in the organization to cause recurring denials and audit requests.

Solving both those problems for you is exactly why we developed the software solutions in Craneware's Audit & Revenue Recovery family. A solution designed to empower you to manage payor denials and retain more cash from RAC and other auditors – ensuring that your hospital collects and retains all the revenue to which you are legitimately entitled.


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